under the bridge

what is under the bridge of this blog?


It is to answer the callings of my divine will, of my potential and to create a space where i am able to share the stories of my movement through the dance of life.
It is to be seen and heard, contrasted and resonated with. To face the figures of fear and resistance and step up and into an expanding sense of rightness.

For years I have journaled, wrote poetry, songs and have kept them hidden in the secrets of my pages. Now it is time to see myself as apart of this ever sharing world. Just as the river shares its salt with the sea.

As you read this space, some things you will find are:

  • heart & nature connection and the relationship with our world
  • explorations of the emotions and feelings of the body
  • inspirations from my mentors as well as my experience as a mentor
  • celebrations of life, death and rebirth cyphers
  • adventures of the earth, sacred journeys of the spirit
  • expressions of the feminine – holding the light in the dark


There’s a fair amount of gratitude I’m feeling right now at the thought and feel of taking this leap. Thank-you for being here, for listening with openness.



Big Love,











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