Moving yet being still at the same time. 

This homecoming. A returning back to the immensity of love that is capable inside me. Although the movement of motion is not always so simple, what is simplest is the reminder that there is something bigger than the space of my body which calls for a learning, a yearning back to love. 
To change every emotion of grief into justice, is to realise that grief is apart of the heart and the totality of its beating is to love every part of it. The parts that deem myself alone and weary: fear, is only an invitation for what potential is to come. And there is reason for the rain to come and lay your body down inside shelter to allow all this to pass. In the silence of solitude one is safe to travel the wondering of the soul. 

The navigation is not interrupted by the passing or static of another. There is freedom to glide along the whole road, to track through the jungle without dangerous encounters. 

Only the demons of doubt will there to face. But they are your own and they are shared amongst all. The only conquer is love and the only force that can greet the grime resting in the heart is also love. An embrace that when shared, brings even the most savage beast to its knees. 

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