rEVOLution rewild

I feel like i’ve just landed back off a long haul flight. Yet its been 3 days back in Sydney since returning from Bluegum Bushcraft bush camp. I walked the two worlds of transition in the passing of these days and danced through doses of re-integrating back into city reality.

As opposed to bush reality. Where dinner time is known by a call from the cooks and the time for people to gather is rendered in a dingo howl. A place where the fire alchemises your food, gives light to the telling of stories while roasted apples are in the hands of the little ones. Where the river is all source of life and clarity, play and adventure. An unwinding and attuning of circadian heart beats sleeping on the earth.

it was a massive two weeks! The work that we are doing at these camps is so revolutionary. We all -kids, teens, parents, mentors – make an agreement that we are tribe and we look out for each other no matter what. Which weaves this amazing holding basket for us all to journey deep within our beings while we adventure the land.

The Land.
this is the land that has held me for over a year. my visits frequent the changing seasons so i’ve begin to become aware of its changes and transformations. this is also the land where i sat in vision quest for 4 days and 4 nights with no distractions.
now this land and i are synced in ways that i have never felt before. this symbiotic relationship deepened in power and presence. i’m so grateful.

im in this void now. post storm. eyes watching in reverence to the new found silence. there’s birds calling in the distance, as always. the tree’s drenched with the fallings of sky.
all the sticky stuff i was holding inside feels lighter. this year has been once snowball effect of loss and grief and all the things falling apart. with each day that now passes, i feel the twinkling’s of the butterfly effect. nature’s mastery of story.


my body is feeling like its in a state or rest and recovery. i bow to myself for all the progress of my process. and smile, there’s really nothing more alive than feeling it all.

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